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The Safety and Quality Record of Camilia®

Camilia has a remarkable safety record since it first debuted on the market in 1994. This medicine is relied upon by parents in nearly 20 countries, including Canada and France where it is a top-seller with high consumer satisfaction.

As with all of Boiron’s over-the-counter medicines, Camilia’s marketing and production are regulated as a drug. It is manufactured according to the high standards of drug Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and conforms to the requirements of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States.

Boiron has a strong history of regulatory compliance and has never received a warning letter from FDA regarding Camilia.

The Boiron family has prided itself on delivering high-quality and reliable products since 1932. Today the global headquarters adheres to regulations for the more than 50 countries in which it distributes its drug products.

FDA Warnings Against Baby Teething Products Do Not Apply to Camilia


Ingredients: Camilia’s active ingredients are chemically unrelated to ingredients of concern to FDA. Camilia does not contain benzocaine. (Learn more about benzocaine from the FDA.)


Quality: FDA routinely inspects Boiron’s manufacturing facilities in France and has not issued warnings or recalls. (Learn more about microbial contamination from the FDA.)


Form: Camilia is an oral liquid dose. It is free from risks associated with solid dosage forms previously of concern to FDA. (Learn more about elevated levels of active ingredients in tablets and gels from the FDA.)


Delivery/Application Method: Camilia liquid dose is squeezed into the baby’s mouth and intended to be swallowed. (Learn more about the American Academy of Pediatrics concern on topical oral pain medications from the FDA.)

100 percent Benzocaine Free